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Arthur Street Loft Orchestra

The Arthur Street Loft Orchestra was a composer's collective concert series that ran every Monday night at the Tuatara Third Eye from 2018 - 2020. Curated by Jake Baxendale, each week the series showcased compositions by one or two local composers, performed by large ensembles. These ranged from 10-piece chamber groups, to traditional 16 and 17 piece big bands, to a 20+ jazz orchestra with strings! Although the Arthur Street Loft Orchestra series is currently on hiatus (as the Tuatara Third Eye has closed down) we hope it will be back before too long!

Jasmine Lovell-Smith and Jake Baxendale co-led an 11-piece band as part of this series which has since been documented on their upcoming album Sanctuary (Paintbox, #003). The lineup of this band features a multi-generational cast of favorite collaborators from the Wellington music scene: Rachelle Eastwood (flute); Ben Hunt (trumpet); Jasmine Lovell-Smith (soprano sax); Jake Baxendale (alto sax); Louisa Williamson (tenor sax); Kaito Walley (trombone); Blair Latham (baritone sax); Aleister James Campbell (guitar); Anita Schwabe (piano); Chris Beernink (bass) and Hikurangi Schaverien-Kaa (drums). With the inclusion of flute and bass clarinet along with traditional winds, brass and rhythm, the ensemble has a rich, chamber-like texture, yet maintains the fluidity and agility that are typical of small group jazz, allowing space for the improvising voices of each musician.

Sanctuary will be released at the City Gallery, Wellington on Saturday June 12th, 5pm. Tickets are available here. The album can be preordered here.

For booking inquiries, please contact Jasmine Lovell-Smith at


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