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Jasmine Lovell-Smith's Towering Poppies

Fortune Songs

The debut album from New Zealand saxophonist/composer Jasmine Lovell-Smith and her Brooklyn based quintet, Towering Poppies. Released on August 14, 2012.

Jasmine Lovell-Smith - soprano saxophone 
Russell Moore - trumpet 
Cat Toren - piano 
Patrick Reid - bass 
Kate Pittman - drums 


"Honest, intelligent chamber jazz, stark in its minimalism, gentle in its dissonance, firm in its lyricism." - JazzTimes, November 2012


"If I had to describe Lovell-Smith’s playing in one word, it would be lyrical. She lives in a space that most of us only visit occasionally." Sam Newsome, 2015


"an auspicious debut...[Lovell Smith's] exquisite musicianship parallels an intrepid spirit" - Jazziz, Winter 2012


“a superb debut" - All About


“an outstanding collection of original jazz compositions..." - Utne Reader


"[A recording that will] challenge and inspire most ardent jazz fans." 

- NZ Musician Magazine


"arrestingly wry and lyrical...a distinctive new voice on the soprano saxophone" -The New York City Jazz Record


"[an] impressive introduction...Tantalizing melodies, a deft use of dramatic tension, and tunes that nicely straddle the divide between new- and old-school jazz." - eMusic


"...dynamite debut..." - Stephen Graham, Jazzwise/Freelance (UK)


"...enchanting lyricism atop organic compositions..." - Bird is the Worm


"[Lovell-Smith] writes constrained but quite delightful tunes." - Graham Reid, Elsewhere (NZ)


"The music [Lovell-Smith] and the band make is often quiet in volume but intense in its emotional content" - Step Tempest


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Read an interview with Jasmine in NZ Musician Magazine: Page 1Page 2


Listen to a radio interview with Jasmine by Richard Kamins (of Step Tempest)

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